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We deliver both Motor and  Sailing Yachts   

We specialize in deliveries along the  United States Atlantic ,Gulf Coast and Pacific Seaboards

Find Marinas all over the world.

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Many boat owners debate whether or not hiring a boat transport company is worth the expense. Some say it is the best method of moving a boat from one marina to another while others prefer to do it themselves. That being said, let's discuss the pros and cons of hiring a boat transport company.


One of the major benefits of hiring a boat transport company is that they possess the best equipment for moving boats from place to place. While most boat owners do have their own trailer to carry their boats, they are not of the same caliber as the professional carriers that boat transportation companies have. They are much more reliable and capable of carrying even the heaviest of yachts.

Another positive reason to hire a boat transport company is that you won't have to put wear and tear on your own vehicle by transporting your boat yourself. Sure, most trucks and SUVs can handle moving a boat but the amount of strain on your vehicle is great. And over time it can actually cause problems with your vehicle that will cost a fortune to repair. Using a boat transportation service allows you to avoid these issues easily.

One other good reason to have a boat transport company take care of moving your boat is the costs. Most times you can get a great deal on boat transportation and it will cost much less than how much it would if you transported it yourself. Let's face it, gas prices these days are ridiculous. And we all know that carrying a boat behind your vehicle destroys your gas mileage. So, a simple transportation could cost hundreds of dollars in gas. Choosing a reliable boat transport company is a much better and financially sound solution.


There are very few cons to hiring a boat transport company. One particular con is the preparation you must do before a transporter picks your boat up. There are many small things you must do to your boat before it is able to be transported. This includes emptying it of all gas and water, securing all items contained within the boat, disconnecting the boat's batteries, removing anchors from the deck, taking any personal belongings or electronics off the boat and removing any loose objects that could fall off as well. These may seem like small things but they add up and unfortunately must be done or the transporter will not take the boat.

Another con to hiring a boat transportation company is that most don't insure items within your boat. They only insure damage done to the exterior of the boat. Any possessions or equipment within the boat itself are transported on a "at your own risk" basis.

In conclusion, the pros of hiring a boat transport company heavily outweigh the cons. If you want to ensure an affordable, safe trip for your boat, purchasing services from one of these companies is a wise move. Most are very capable and experienced in boat transporting.



Our yacht Captains are licensed Masters in the United States Merchant Marine and as such are regulated by the United States Coast Guard. These Captains are professional seamen and veterans of either the United States Navy or the United States Coast Guard.  Their years of military training, experience , wisdom , leadership, and  judgment in operating ships and boats of all descriptions are available  to assist you in the relocation or a passage of your Motor Yacht or Sailing Yacht or commercial vessel. We are available to assist you at reasonable rates. We can provide a quotation for a fixed price delivery, which includes all regularly anticipated expenses , or we will quote a daily labor rate plus expenses. If you are interested in obtaining a quotation to deliver your  motor or sailing yacht  or commercial vessel, please execute our feedback form to the best of your ability.